IES enviro-scapes | Holcim Environmental Compliance Services

For the past 5 years IES enviro-scapes has been providing environmental compliance and environmental rehabilitation services for Holcim Australia Pty Ltd at its hard rock quarry located at the foot of the Darling Scarp near Gosnells.  The quarry is approximately 80 hectares in size and includes large areas of virgin bushland.

Services provided by the IES Environmental Team based onsite includes:


  • Undertaking regular environmental inspections
  • Water sampling and monitoring
  • Bore level sampling and monitoring
  • Erosion control and dust monitoring
  • Spill kit monitoring and waste management protocols
  • Nursery activities including the propagation of plants from seeds collected onsite
  • Rehabilitation activities including revegetation works
  • Environmental audits – weed audits and structural and floristic vegetation surveys
  • Monitoring and reporting against environmental parameters
  • Weed control activities