IES enviro-scapes | Promoting Environmental Sustainability

Our aim... assist our customers to meet their environmental compliance requirements

Supporting the trend towards environmental sustainability in business and our own strong focus on environmental protection,

IES Enviro-Scapes is committed to the use and distribution of eco-friendly products that will reduce your business’s environmental impact.

To achieve this we have entered into a partnership with CHOICECHEM, a WA business which has developed a range of eco-friendly products with a variety of industrial applications. The CHOICECHEM product range is formulated, packaged and distributed from their Perth based production facility. 

CHOICECHEM is AS/NZS ISO 9001:2008 quality assured, with systems in place designed to ensure all products and services are of a consistently high quality.

Download: CHOICECHEM Environmental Policy Statement

Download: IES ECO Range Hospitality Brochure

Download: IES ECO Range Industrial Brochure

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           Industrial and Mining Products           





Coco Kleen

Heavy duty degreaser concentrate
Plant and equipment, vehicle fleets, locomotives, floors and walls
Coconut derived ingredients, non-toxic, non-caustic, solvent free and biodegradable


Bitumen and asphalt remover        and cleaner

Machinery, tools, workshop and factory floors, bitumen spillage on kerbs and pavements

Derived from natural plant oils, biodegradable with no carcinogenic fumes

Total Machine Clean Red Roar

Foaming acid cleaner and   brightener that targets scale, rust  and dirt build up and includes corrosion and rust inhibitors

Vehicle fleets, heavy plant and equipment, mining equipment

100% biodegradable, safe on all surfaces with no carcinogenic fumes when used as directed

ECO Choice Truck Wash

Heavy duty foaming industrial  cleaner that targets tough grime    and dirt

Cars, trucks and heavy equipment

Non-caustic and solvent free

Choice Soil

Long lasting soil wetting agent

All soil and vegetation types

100% active non-ionic

Exit Rust

Rust converter

Metal farm sheds, steel yards, corrugated iron roofs, irrigation equipment, farm vehicles and    parts, reinforcing steel

Solvent, corrosive mineral acids and phosphate free, water based semi neutralised

Load Release

Creates an active film that reduces the adhesion of concrete, asphalt  and bitumen to surfaces

Trucks, plant equipment, kerbs, pathways, walls, floors, rollers,   truck beds

Completely biodegradable (replacing diesel and kerosene)

Dust Down

Dust suppressant and bonding   agent

Roads, sandy areas, pathways      and re-vegetation projects

Gylcerol based, solvent free, biodegradable

Industrial Hand Cleaner

Abrasive hand cleaner designed to remove the toughest grease and dirt

All skin types

Water based, biodegradable, solvent free with polymer beads

          Food Processing & Hospitality Products          





Hydro Clean

Concentrated glassware washing detergent with a unique hydrophilic repelling technique that targets    dirt, grease, finger marks and   lipstick stains

Glass, plastic, porcelain and beer lines.


Oven Solve

Powerful and effective cleaner designed to strip away burnt-on grease and food deposits

Ovens, stoves and hotplates, grills, racks and BBQ plates

Non-corrosive, non-toxic, fume free and gentle on equipment

           Laundry Products            





Enzyme Choice

Ultra concentrated laundry powder

Recommended for use with septic tanks and leach drains

Phosphate, chlorine, ammonia and solvent free

New DET (improved formula)

Lavender scented superior double strength fabric washing liquid       that works effectively at low temperatures

Suitable for all fabrics including delicate fabrics

Biodegradable, contains water softening agents and lavender oil

ECO Laund

Double-strength laundry detergent

Suitable for septic systems

Biodegradable and phosphate reduced

Cuddle Soft

Fabric softener with a highly   effective antistatic agent

Suitable for all fabric types


Barrier Cream

Skin protection and reconditioning cream

Helps retain moisture and protect against harmful contaminants

Biodegradable, eucalyptus oil


Powerful tile cleaning solution

Unglazed, vitrified and ceramic tiles


Commercial Vinegar 4%

Multipurpose cleaner that removes odours and is a natural window    and surface cleaner and   disinfectant

Kitchen, bathroom and laundry surfaces, windows


GP Detergent

Dish washing liquid and general purpose detergent with a pine    scent

Glass, plastic, porcelain


          Bathroom & Housekeeping Products          





Wipe Out

Spray and wipe cleaner with a     fresh lemon/lime scent

Suitable for vinyl, stainless steel, rubber, linoleum, terrazzo, marble, glass and paintwork


ECO Bright (new improved formula)

Multipurpose cleaner with surface modifying surfactants that remove   oil, greasy film, lipstick and finger marks

Suitable for all glass and mirrors, stainless steel, chrome, vinyl and windscreens and washers

Alcohol, ammonia and phosphate free

Mop ‘N’ Go

Combination floor wash and polish for routine maintenance of sealed and unsealed floors in heavy and light traffic areas

Sealed vinyl, timber, cork, rubber   and linoleum floors, no rinsing required

Non-toxic, silicone free

Cedar Oil

Bacteria and pesticide treatment   with a natural aromatic fragrance

Suitable for use in natural    pesticides, sprays, candles,      soaps and furniture oils

All natural product


Heavy duty carpet and upholstery shampoo

Suitable for fibres such as    polyester, acrylic and olefin

Non-corrosive and water soluable


Heavy duty fabric and upholstery shampoo with a fresh lavender   scent

All types of upholstery fabrics

Water soluble and biodegradable, antibacterial essential oils

Citrus Lime

Carpet shampoo with fresh lemon/lime scent

Most carpet fibres

Biodegradable, dilutable, all natural ingredients, antibacterial essential oils, no silicone

ECO Reviver

Cleaner/protector/restorer that contains pine oil to conceal fine scratches and leave a natural     shine

Automotive, marine, transport        and household applications for   vinyl, rubber, timber and plastic surfaces


Odour Cure

Effective liquid suppressant of airborne and waterborne odours

Waste and sewerage collection centres, grease traps, animal kennels, portable toilets

Non-bacterial based, natural, non-toxic and biodegradable

Bio 8 Liquid or Tablet

Probiotic waste water treatment    and odour control product that is       a concentrated blend of environmentally friendly bacterial stimulants

Aerobic waste water treatment   ponds and tanks, sewage     treatment systems, wineries, breweries, animal and food processing

Non-toxic and biodegradable

               Personal Products               





Hair and Body Wash

Gentle hair and skin cleanser

For use on all skin types including sensitive skin

pH balanced, soap, fragrance and botanical free